Terms & Conditions


Entry – Entry can be made by either the entrant themselves or another individual on their behalf. Entries are possible through the website and postal method. Where payment is required it must be made in GBP (Great British Pound/£).

Number of Entries – Once the maximum number of entries has been reached for each competition, the entry for it will close and the date for the draw will be announced within 48 hours. The maximum number of entries for the competition and maximum number of entries per person will be listed on the specific competition page.

Prize – Multiple competitions may take place simultaneously, and each competition will have a specific prize(s).

Winner – An Entrant will be chosen at random and they will be given the prize according to the outlined Terms & Conditions. When prize is being collected, proof of identity must be provided and this must match the details that were provided upon the entrant joining the competition.

WEBSITE – http://livegiveaways.co.uk/


1.1 All entrants into the competition (regardless of entry method) are regarded to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and are thus obligated by them.

1.2 Entrants are expected to submit the required contact details upon entering the competition (this will include email address, phone number and potentially other information as required). This information will be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy (mentioned below). The provided information will be used to alert the winner once they have won the prize and the winner’s name and town of residence will be posted on the website. The Entrants are responsible for providing the correct contact details, and there is no responsibility on the promoter if there is failure to contact the Entrant due to inaccurate contact details having been provided. 


2.1 Anyone above the legal age of 18 is able to enter the competition. Those excluded from any competition entry include the Promoter, their family members, any professional responsible for running, organising or handling any part of the competition.

2.2 Entrants must acknowledge that by entering into the competition it is not guaranteed that they will win the prize.

2.3 The Entrant must be aware that the Promoter does not guarantee the market value and condition of the prize when it is given to the winner.

2.4 The Entrants are responsible for ensuring that by entering into the competition they are not disobeying the law of their country of residence in any way. The Promoter is not liable for any Entrant’s illegal participation into the competition.

2.5 The Promoter, Entrant and all those involved in organising and running it acknowledge that all the activities within the competition take place according to the British law. In the case of any dispute, the High Courts of England will have sole jurisdiction over how they are settled. 

2.6 The Promoter holds the right to disqualify or turn away any entrants if there is reason to believe they are carrying out any illegal actions or violating any of the outlined Terms and Conditions. 

2.7 Upon the receipt of entries, they will become the legal property of the Promoter and will not be returned to the Entrant.

2.8 In the case of a competition concluding early or tickets remain unsold after competition extension, a cash prize may be offered that holds the value of 70% of the entry fees for that specific competition.


3.1 The maximum number of entries will differ depending on the specific competition. Each competition will clearly state the maximum number of entries per individual for the competition and total number of entries for that specific competition.

3.2 In order to acquire an approved entry into the competition, Entrants must provide their personal contact details which include a telephone number, email address, postal address. Furthermore, the Entrant must provide card payment details for the entry fee. All payments will be processed via a third party payment processing company that is PCI-DSS compliant. We do not hold or store any card details on our website or systems.

3.3 Once the maximum number of entries have been reached and/or the closing date for the competition is reached, the competition will close. It is important to note, however, that the Promoter reserves the right to extend the closing date by 8 weeks if they find it to be necessary in any way.

3.4 Entrants must be aware that all entries into the competition are final and they will not be able to request refunds for any reason. However, in the case that entries are made after the competition’s Closing Date or if the Competition is cancelled by the Promoter, the Entrants will receive a credit onto their account wallet.

3.5 Once the Promoter makes a decision, it is final. Any correspondence about changes anticipated will not be taken into account or effect the result in any way. When the winner is announced, that result is unalterable.

3.6 Upon entering the competition, Entrants acknowledge and accept that the Law of Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 for goods and services ordered online (to be supplied to consumer within 30 days) does not apply in this prize competition.

3.7 POSTAL ENTRY ROUTE – In order to enter any of the competitions held by the Promoter for free, Entrants may send an unenclosed postcard through first class post stating which competition they want to take part in and the following personal details: Full Name, Date of Birth, Postal Address, Registered Account Email Address and their Contact Number. Furthermore, Entrants must have an active account on the Promoter’s website at the time of the free entries being processed. The details provided on the postcards must match those on the account.

The entries can be sent to this address: Live Giveaways Postal Entry, 82 Gold Furlong, Marston Moretaine, Bedford, MK43 0ED.

The free entries must be received before the closing date of the competition or before all the tickets have been allocated. The entries which do not follow the Terms and Conditions or the criteria outlined above will be void and not accepted as authentic Entries. All postal entries must be sent via an unenclosed post card, all information must be clearly visible. One entry per person, per competition. If we receive multiple entries on a single post card, your entries will not be accepted. Each entry for each competition must be sent separately.


4.1 If there are insufficient entries into the competition and the maximum number of entries has not been met, the Promoter will either close the competition and, if there are sufficient funds, the prize will be awarded as the prize. On the other hand, if there are insufficient funds to issue the prize, the remaining funds will be allocated to a winner and they will receive a cash prize (after the Promoter has deducted any expenses required to run the competition). The Promoter will retain 30% of the fees acquired from Entry fees in the event of an unsuccessful competition in order to cover their administration costs, which include but are not limited to marketing, legal costs and website fees. The remaining balance is the ‘Prize Fund’ and will be claimed by the winning Entrant.

4.2 If the Promoter struggles to contact the Winner within 7 days of them winning the competition (due to incorrect contact details being provided) then the Promoter reserves the right to select an alternative winner who will then be given 7 days to collect the prize (and the process will continue until a winner selected by the Promoter is contacted, responds and comes to claim their prize). The first winner (or any previous winners who failed to respond within seven days) will not have any claim to the prize once the alternative winner is selected and claims the prize.


5.1 The Entrant who wins will be selected randomly through the use of a Ball Machine and or Google Random Number Generator live via social pages. As the tickets consist of a letter part and number part, the Letter will be drawn from the Ball Machine consisting of 26 balls (A-Z) and the Number will be drawn using Google Random Number Generator and or a Ball Machine with the required numbers. In the case of numbered entries only, Google Random Number Generator and or a Ball Machine may be used.

5.2 The details of the time and date of the draw will be available on Facebook and our website when the competition has concluded. The decision will be finalised within 48 hours after the close of the competition. 

5.3 Either or both our website and Facebook page will display our entry lists approximately 2 hours before any draw will take place (unless we have stated otherwise elsewhere).

5.4 There will only be one winner per competition unless the competition page states otherwise.

5.5 Once the competition has been completed and the winner has been chosen, the Promoter will transfer ownership of the prize to the winner.

5.6 If the competition prize is a vehicle, transfer of ownership will be completed at the point of the Entrant collecting the prize using the V5 document. Thereafter, the Winner will be responsible for taxing, insuring and MOT status of the vehicle and the Promoter will hold no responsibility for the vehicle after that stage.

5.7 Unless stated otherwise, no warranty is given or implied with any of the Prize competitions. In any case Live Giveaways Ltd is limited in liability only to the Winner for the single price of the winning ticket for that specific competition in the event of any claim.

5.8 It is the responsibility of the Winner to register any prizes with the manufacturer for any warranty validity that may be offered directly.


6.1 The Promoter is the legal owner of any prize which is on offer in the competition until the point where the competition has gone live, a winner (who abided by all the Terms and Conditions) has been chosen and a successful handover has been completed.

6.2 The Promoter does not provide any warranty of the prize or explicate its condition in any way. The Entrant is responsible for making their own decisions through engaging in enquiries and/or seeking legal advice before participating in the competition.

6.3 There will only be the one specific prize which will be stated on the competition page that will be awarded at the time of the draw unless stated otherwise in the competition description. The Promoter will not provide or offer any alternatives in any shape or form.

6.4 The winner is solely responsible for collecting the prize from the Promoter’s place of address (unless an alternative arrangement is made between the Promoter and the winner).

6.5 Upon collection of the prize, the winner will be required to provide proof of identification and proof of their entry/participation in the competition.


7.1 The Promoter may use the personal contact details provided by the Entrant in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998. In line with these Terms and Conditions, the Promoter will use the details provided by the Entrant in order to conduct the competition and manage the Website.

7.2 The Entrants must also acknowledge that the Promoter may disclose the

provided information to third parties who work closely with them in order to prevent fraud and ensure legalities are being followed.


8.1 As a participant in the competition, the Winner agrees to allow the Promoter to present his or her name on the company website (where the Privacy Policy is also adhered to). For the purpose of announcing the winner of the competition correctly on the website, the winner’s name and town of residence will be publicly posted.

8.2 Upon receiving and accepting the prize, the winner must agree to have their photos and/or videos taken for promotional purposes. This promotional material may be photographed and/or videotaped right after the competition or even in future occasions.

8.3 Entries cannot be made on behalf of other people. If it comes to our attention that 1 person has entered under multiple names/addresses then all entries from this person will be void, this goes for paid entries via the website and free entries via post. 

8.4 Through participating in the competition, Entrants grant the Promoter permission to enter their personal details into their database (which will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy Policy). 

8.5 The Promoter holds the right to cancel the competition at any given time (either before or after tickets for the competition have been sold). In cases where the competition is cancelled, the Promoter will return the Entry fees that each Entrant paid (via an account wallet credit). Following this, the Promoter will possess no further liability to the Entrant.

8.6 The Promoter will not be liable for any loss (including financial or property loss) which may be experienced by any person as a result of the omission of the Promoters. Furthermore, the Promoters’ agents involved in administrating the competition and arranging the distribution of the Prize also accept no liability for any loss experienced by the Entrants. The Promoter accepts no liability for any omissions which may be present within the website with regards to the explication of the Prize details, description or specification. The Entrant is responsible for recognising and acknowledging this about the content, accuracy and details of this website.

8.7 The Promoter will not be responsible, accountable or liable for any loss that an Entrant may suffer due to incomplete entries, failed computer functions and issues related to the function of the Website.

8.8 The Promoter does not accept accountability for entries which were not received due to failures in technological systems, computer software, internet traffic handling, computer hardware failure, system malfunctions or any other reason.

8.9 The outlined competition rules do not serve as a form of contract, joint agreement or venture between the Entrants and Promoters.

8.10 An Entry will immediately be declared void (no possibility of refunds being given) if the Entrant engages in any form of fraudulent activity, representation or concealment, or if they are found to be interfering with the function of the website through illegally hacking, making amendments to it or changes to any of the website codes.

8.11 The Promoter reserves the right to change these outlined terms and conditions as and when they deem it necessary. If any changes do take place, they will be published on the competition home page immediately.

These Terms and Conditions have been outlined exclusively for Live Giveaways Limited and are for use for Live Giveaways only. Plagiarism of these Terms and Conditions will lead to legal action being undertaken.